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With more than 20 years’ experience in the Autoclave Industry. We changed our piping and mechanical aspects to reduce the usage of water from 50 litres to around 15 litres per cycle.
Each Autoclave with steam generator is supplied with a Micro Plus SSG with ph stabilizer to reduce lime, thus keeping the pipes clean and longer life for elements and solenoid valves.
We changed the steam generators in such a way so that a JSD400L save power and money in the long run .
Noise levels are taken care of with the right type of pumps as well as the way we install them in our Autoclaves.
Door Configuration
Sliding door with a U-section gasket, operated by the press of a button. Safety features include
the Autoclave will not start any cycle until the door is properly closed.
All our Autoclaves are equipped with a LCD touch display, informing the operator the current stage of the chosen cycle and the general condition of the Autoclave.
Control System
At the heart of our Autoclave lies a Delta PLC that takes care of all the processes of each cycle that the Autoclave can perform, and is customizable as per client specifidations.
Chamber and Jacket
Our rectangular shape Chamber and round Jacket works together to improve the overall strength and durability of our Autoclaves. The client has a option of either 10mm 304 or 10mm 316 stainless steel.
All our Autoclaves are manufactured to International Standards. PD5500 & Sans 347
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